Abedor – international company, providing a full range of programming : website development, software product development , CRM- systems , application programming , IT-outsourcing and IT- consulting services worldwide.

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Creating a website – it is the only path to success of business development . Website – a powerful tool to make a claim about yourself throughout the world , attract customers,  share your thoughts , ideas and experiences.

Development of CRM-systems

CRM system – a set of applications , features and tools related to the same business-logic and integrated into a single corporate information environment of the company .Your offer will be more effective by automating relevant business processes of marketing , sales and service.


IT-outsourcing – partial or full transfer of the work on support, maintenance and modernization of the IT infrastructure in the hands of companies that specialize in subscription service organizations and with professional staff of various qualifications .

Our growth

We are not standing still and are constantly improving . Number of completed projects is constantly growing .



Used technologies

To implement the projects we use different programming languages ​​and technologies . We successfully use the languages ​​: C #, java, java script, SQL, php, html, css, ASP, jQuery

Application programming

An application or application – a program designed to perform specific tasks and designed for direct user interaction .

Database development

Database – collection of data , organized in accordance with the conceptual framework that describes the characteristics of the data and the relationships between them , with a collection of data that supports one or more application areas .


Outsourcing ( a portmanteau of outsourcing: (outer-source-using) the use of an external source / resource. ) – Organization of the transfer on the basis of the agreement , certain business processes or functions in the service of another company specializing in the relevant field .


Improving the efficiency and manageability of the business processes of your company . The introduction of the enterprise management systems .



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